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Terms and Conditions
By Submitting this form, you as a representative of the creditor company and the creditor company (hereinafter called creditor) agree that all actions taken by Ashton & Weinberg (hereinafter called A&W) shall be in accordance with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

1. Creditor refers the specified account to A&W for collection and A&W is authorized to proceed at once to collect the specified amount.

2. Creditor hereby warrants that all claims forwarded to A&W will be valid and legally enforceable debts, and that the Creditor will, both before and after forwarding said claims, comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws thereto. To the best of the Creditor's knowledge, claims forwarded to A&W are not discharged debts in bankruptcy and Creditor acknowledges that all accounts being placed with A&W reflect the name or entity under contract with Creditor.

3. Creditor has notified Debtor in writing of all additional fees, interest, late charges or collection fees that may be added to the original amount due and Debtor has agreed in writing to the imposition of such charges prior to the claim being turned over to A&W. By including all such fees and charges in the amount of the claim turned over to A&W, Creditor is certifying that it has debtor's written agreement to the inclusion of such charges.

4. Commission will be charged on amounts collected, paid direct, paid prior to placement (found money) or settled by return of merchandise. A&W, as Creditor's agent is authorized to accept payments and to endorse checks, notes, money orders or drafts for deposit; the net proceeds of which A&W is to remit to Creditor. All money received from collections are deposited in a "Trust Fund Account". Remittances will be made on collections from A&W on the 15th of each month for the previous month's collections. Price arrangement for the above account will be in accordance with the "Fee Agreement".